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G.tecz Engineering - an innovation and research & development company on cement bonded high tech materials for industry applications.


Latest research and technical expertises, like nano based particle packing optimizing algorithms, calculation of water film thicknesses, evolutionary algorithms, Finite Element Methods and databases are used to develop cement bonded high tech materials for your product and material innovations.

G.tecz can offer you services like raw-material characterization, concrete development, concrete optimization, development of cement bonded high-tech materials, FEM analysis or the development of plants.

Our technologies are fast, cost-effective, customer oriented. We are working with local ressources to develop the best solution for your business. 

our associated brands

Concrete Manufactory

Concrete is our passion. We love to realize your ideas with concrete and we can support you from the first ideas on, development of prototypes and finally to the production of series in our manufactory.

UHPC Pre Mix

myUHPC.com offers you simple but individual pre-mix solutions for ultra high performance concrete, the next generation of concrete.

Aerogel - Development Service Partner

G.tecz is official Development Service Partner for JIOS Aerogel. We do offer you services and developments to implement JIOS's innovative Aerogel powder in your products and production process.


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World Of Concrete, Las Vegas 3-6.Februar

Meet our Representative at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Make direct B2B connections and talk about the latest concrete technologies.

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